Thursday, May 11, 2006

NIK n Suj

Converz b/w Suj n Nik
manikandan.vaira: Hi Surabaya
sujesh4684: hi na
manikandan.vaira: how r things
sujesh4684: good na
sujesh4684: how r things going in ur off.
manikandan.vaira: emmmmm not that great in office
sujesh4684: y na very busy e
sujesh4684: are u in off or at home
manikandan.vaira: home
manikandan.vaira: appuram ethavathu ponnu kooda chat pannalaam nu log in panniya
sujesh4684: am chatting with vivi
manikandan.vaira: whoz that
sujesh4684: vivek
manikandan.vaira: k
sujesh4684: 1 sec
sujesh4684: datz vivi's id
manikandan.vaira: sudhi thoongi taana
manikandan.vaira: ille pulz kooda kadale poduraana
sujesh4684: no na hes in a presentation
sujesh4684: added?
manikandan.vaira: yep
manikandan.vaira: appuram tn election la thaatha than win pannuvaar pole
sujesh4684: aama na oru tv kedaikku pothu
manikandan.vaira: :))
manikandan.vaira: there is some problem with my i cnt add vivi
***idhaan chance manina cant chat in private n fool suj***
sujesh4684: we'll chat in group wait
manikandan.vaira: anni eppidi irrukka?
***mani just fooled suj on april1st n he isnt ready to get fooled again. so he decides to act on it. n fool mani after joining vivi!!!***
manikandan.vaira: can we cheat viv i that i luv a gal
sujesh4684: ok na we'll start now
***<-anni's foto is sent to vivi n suj has told him that mani is gonna fool vivi, but mani is gonna get fooled!!!***
manikandan.vaira: azk me how i proposed her
***mani has started in full flow as seen in "conversation". he said he writes a kavithai whenever he remembers her***
sujesh4684: sample kavithai onnu vidunga parkalaam
***annen tension aguraaru. he has a story n is waiting to tell it***
manikandan.vaira: Just ask me how i proposed her
***finally he gets a doubt!!! but doubt is cancelled***
manikandan.vaira: dei enne da sollitiya
sujesh4684: ille na
sujesh4684: im convincing him
manikandan.vaira: ok appo appadiye continue panren
***when mani fooled suji he said that he had spoken to the gal for 47 min 43 sec***
sujesh4684: 47 min 43 sec ?


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